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    Calculation/Count help

    Jennie Robertson



      I'm a pretty basic Tableau user, and am trying to figure this out:

      I want to count only Category>Gym membership when it is the only item on an expense report (i.e. Report ID is unique) like report 24385810, or it is the only category on an expense report like 24385676, but not when there are other categories present. (If these have to be two different calculations, that's fine.)
      Context: We are trying to figure out how much time/money spending on expense reports where employees are only submitting their gym membership.

      Basic sample below, larger sample attached.

      CategoryReport IDReport CurrencyReport Total
      Gym Membership24385676USD42.79
      Gym Membership24385776USD32.09
      Gym Membership24385810USD32.09
      Transportation- Parking24392421USD335
      Transportation- Parking24392421USD335
      Transportation- Parking24392421USD335
      Equipment (not related to computer)24392421USD335
      Gym Membership24392421USD335
      Professional Development/Continuing Education24392948USD11.18
      Gym Membership24393641USD35
      Professional Development/Continuing Education24396200USD31.91
      Gym Membership24399360USD50


      Thanks in advance!