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    Dashboard Actions Failing to Work on Server

    Sarah Barsis



      I am using Tableau 2018.1 to create dashboards. I am still new to Tableau but have gotten pretty familiar with using actions on Tableau Desktop. I have recently created a link between dashboards, within the same workbook, to jump from one dashboard to another. I did this by creating two extra sheets in my workbook to attach a filter too with the dashboard actions and then assigning a link to jump back and forth between dashboards. I would like to eventually have multiple of these, but so far I am running into a snag. This works on my desktop version but when I upload it to the server, it does not work and I have to manually back out and select the next sheet from the option choices. I do not want to use "show tabs" in my workbook, I would like my action to work. Does anybody have a solution to this problem?


      Thank you,

      Sarah B.