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    Blending Data without having Blended columns in the view




      i am trying to blend the data order and Returned from super store.

      I am trying to get COUNTD(returned) from secondary source and this throws error. How ever, i tried all the tricks from forums and blogs . the requirement to get COUNTD is to have blended columns in the view. I cannot have this column in the view because i have a filter and have to show the total for that specific date.


      For example,

      In attached worksheet, I want to see the distinct count of returned orders for the month of October-2017. i do not want to have orderID in the view. it should just display 7 without any other fields. Even If I get Order ID in detail shelf I get 1,1,1,1,1 seperately and not the grand total that is just 7.


      Is there a way to get this value from secondary source?