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    Sum'ing together Measures


      I have three measures - I want to ADD THEM TOGETHER for the life of me it isn't working!


      my current field is like so

      IF STR([Validation bool])="f" then 1 else 0 end

      so I can put this on my sheet and it shows the desired number. Which is good.


      I have three other fields just like the above that all produce their desired numbers but I can't ADD them all/total them for the life of me!

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          Deepak Rai



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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Tony     

            if you have separate measures then create a new calculated field     sum(measure1) + sum(measure2) + sum(measure3)





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              Simon Runc

              Hi Tony,


              So you should be able to use


              zn([Measure 1]) + zn([Measure 2]) + zn([Measure 3])


              The ZN equates a NULL to Zero, which is needed when adding across measures (1 + NULL + 1 = NULL not 2). When nulls appear in a single column the NULLs won't get counted or added in a sum, but across measures we need to use the ZN


              Hopefully that's it, but let me know if that doesn't solve it