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    Workaround to Filters "By Formula" that allow two fields?

    Gabriel RiCharde

      I'm trying to filter on a field but based on a condition related to another field.


      I'm getting the warning "The formula must be an aggregate calculation or refer only to this field."


      Formula is as follows:


      IF [Empty Barrel Stock] ="Used BT"

      OR [Empty Barrel Stock] ="Used WT"

      OR [Empty Barrel Stock] ="Used 4R"

      AND [Barrel Notes] = NULL

      THEN 'Filter'

      ELSE 'Show'



      I think I'm getting the message because I'm making a filter on [Empty Barrel Stock] but trying to use [Barrel Notes] in the formula. But it doesn't seem real to me that I wouldn't able to make custom filters using multiple dimensions as conditions?


      Any help someone can provide would be much appreciated!