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    Working with daily new txt files


      Hi everyone, let me try to explain my case.


      Everyday is generated a new txt file containing the whole data of the actual month.

      Each file has the date in the name, so it's kind like that:


      FILETXT_01012018.txt   (it has the data on 1st January)

      FILETXT_01022018.txt   (this one has data of 1st and 2nd January)

      FILETXT_01032018.txt   (it has data of 1st, 2nd and 3rd January)

      And so on...the last file of January will have all January's data.

      The February's files won't have January's data and on and on.


      Every month has one file per day, and the last file of the month contains all month's data.

      So, we'll have at least 12 files per year, one for each month.


      Everyday the user need to manually change the files and the references in his excel file to analyse the data.

      The company wants to use Tableau to end with this manually job.






      1) Does anyone have a solution using just tableau to append those .txt files automatically on the extraction?


      2) Any alternative solution using Tableau?


      3) Any alternative solution without using ETL tools?