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    Line chart: Show missing data without missing data

    yves crutain

      I have a continuous data set by day with different periods that may or may not be continuous.

      On my exemple, period 1 is made of 2 parts interrupted by another modality.


      I would like to have an interruption of line when there is an interruption by another modality.


      When I try to do a line chart, the graph is considered at the same time a different period and a similar period. The option "show missing data" is then not working.


      2019-01-09 15_53_48-Tableau - Book1.png


      what I try to get:

      2019-01-09 15_55_52-Microsoft Excel - test_period_issue.png


      Extremely simplified version of dataset:


      datevalueperiod type
      01/02/20180.120173period 1
      02/02/20180.219782period 1
      03/02/20180.849166period 1
      04/02/20180.164424Issue on data
      05/02/20180.317361Issue on data
      06/02/20180.416545Issue on data
      07/02/20180.639956period 1
      08/02/20180.545066period 1
      09/02/20180.965321period 1
      10/02/20180.05961period 2
      11/02/20180.147946period 2
      12/02/20180.274855period 3
      13/02/20180.82999period 3
      14/02/20180.570936period 3
      15/02/20180.390018Issue on data
      16/02/20180.586782Issue on data
      17/02/20180.642252Issue on data
      18/02/20180.721702Issue on data
      19/02/20180.305751period 3
      20/02/20180.566666period 3
      21/02/20180.264065period 3