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    Merge/Append 2 Excel Sheet

    shanmuga prabhu

      Hi All,


      I Have 2 different excel sheet with same column name , I need to merge the 2 files




      Col A , Col B

      1, 2


      File 2

      Col A , Col B

      4, 5



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          Vikram Gokhale

          have you tried creating a UNION ?

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            Diogo Henrique Guilhen

            Hello there!


            plase read this article:

            Union Your Data - Tableau



            Union tables manually

            Use this method to manually union distinct tables. This method allows you to drag individual tables from the left pane of the Data Source page and into the Union dialog box.

            To union tables manually

            1. On the data source page, double-click New Union to set up the union.
            2. Drag a table from the left pane to the Union dialog box.
            3. Select another table from the left pane and drag it directly below the first table.Tip: To add multiple tables to a union at the same time, press Shift or Ctrl (Shift or Command on a Mac), select the tables you want to union in the left pane, and then drag them directly below the first table.
            4. Click Apply or OK to union.





            Best regards.