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    FYI - Using Athena with Tableau - JAR file issue

    Stephen Lam

      Hi everyone,


      recently we were using Athena to streamline our data from Amazon S3 to Tableau dashboards. When attempting to configure the Athena connection in Tableau 2018.1, you'll most likely get a pop-up that will ask you to download the latest JAR file and making sure you have java installed on your machine. The AWS documentation and many other blogs will most likely direct you to this link here - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/athena/latest/ug/connect-with-jdbc.html


      After testing and some confusion, we realized that there were inconsistencies when downloading the JAR from AWS because the data was not actually loading in Tableau. Again just to be clear, our Athena connection was already established, but Tableau could not successfully fetch the data.


      We proceeded with another test; to fetch the data using another tool like SQL workbench. That test was successful and we used the JAR file in this link - https://jar-download.com/artifacts/com.syncron.amazonaws/simba-athena-jdbc-driver/2.0.2/source-code


      So, we used this JAR file in our Tableau Drivers repository instead of the latest from AWS link. Hope this is helpful to others out there!