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    Email data alert every time hit the threshold

    tanti tanti



      I want to set up alert in my dashboard

      My threshold is if it hit 15, 25, 35 customer it will send alert email to user for each merchant


      I already set up with setting "once - the first time it's true" but it only send me one email when the first merchant hit 15, 25, 35 customer.

      For next merchant who hit 15, 25, 36 customer, I don't receive any alert email.

      And this is in a same day, data refresh every 15 minute.


      When the day change, because I set up TODAY () in this viz, the alert will restart again and send email every time merchant hit 15, 25, 35 customer, even this merchant

      already get alert yesterday.


      If I set up to "Daily at most", it takes time to long to send alert email, because we need to know immediately when merchant hit  15, 25, 35 customer.