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    How  to create a week bracket and Calculate the Profit within those week bracket

    Larsen Rennie

      Hello All


      I am trying to create a week bracket out of the data columns. Can somebody help me with this as its quite critical . The way i want is from the Date dimension i want to create the week brackets like 0-7 should display 1 week then 8-56 weeks should display 2-8 weeks 57 to 105 should display 9-15 weeks 106 to 154 should display 16 to 22 weeks 155 to 203 should display 23-29 weeks 204 to 252 should display 30-36 weeks 253 onwards should display 37+ weeks like that


      i am having hard time in finding a method to do this. If anyone can suggest based on the superstore data and count the  profit with those above age bracket that would be very very helpful


      Deepak Rai

      Andy Kriebel

      Carly Capitula

      Jonathan Drummey