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    Need help to configure Lookup in Tableau

    Rajesh Thangadurai



      I have two CSV file . One file contains IP address and some other details. Other file contains IP address and Hostname. I would like to do hostname lookup from first file.


      Example :  CSV 1 has following details


      IP address     Date    Action

       Jan 9    Success          Jan 2     Failed


      CSV 2 has following details:


      IP address       Hostname      Internal Server              External server


      I would like to combine the fields as below in Tableau view:


      IP address      Hostname           Date          Action            External Server  Jan 2         Failed    Internal Server    Jan 9        Success


      Please let me know how to achieve this.

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          Paul Cawford

          This can be achieved with a simple left join in the data sources tab.  Inner would also work but you must be confident that all of the addresses also appear in CSV 2.




          I've attached an example.




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            Diego Parker

            Hey Rajesh,


            To achieve this you will have to "Join" your data.


            1) After you connect to your first database (CSV 1) you should get a screen that looks like this:




            2) Then go into "Add" and select you CSV 2 file.


            3) Drag your CSV 2 worksheet into the pane, to the right of your CSV 1 and you should get a view that looks like this:



            4) Now you will have to select the type of join you want. In your case an inner join by IP Address should work. If you have questions about how Joins work, you can read my blogpost about it here.



            I hope this solves your answer. If you have any doubts do not hesitate on letting me know.