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    PY Calculation - Issue PY  is not always showing

    Francheska Cabrera

      Hello Community,


      I'm having an issue with PY calculations or better explained, showing always PY data for same periods (year, month, quarter, etc).


      After asking a couple of persons that know Tableau and investigating online (including the forums), the solution we were able to come with is showing the PY but when selecting more than 1 period.


      The solution we want is even if we have 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year, show the data for the PY period in the tooltip or in the data viz.


      I hope someone can help me, I'm attaching the workbook and the data source.


      There's a constraint with the data source as the format cannot be change due to being extracted like that from a system, so I can only pivot in Tableau which is not a problem.


      Thanks in advance.


      Below an image of the workaround we have found so far.

      PY ISSUE.png