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    Automate twbx workbook generating

    Loretta Xia

      Hi Guys,


      I have reports to generate for different countries and publish them to different sites.  Can I automate the whole process?


      The current workflow is I replicate the same workbook many times and open each one changing the country parameter side the workbook to get individual versions.


      Is there any api i can utilize to loop the whole process?



      Thanks much!


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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hello Loretta


          Could you elaborate a bit more on what you are doing and what you want to achieve.


          In special on where are you publishing your reports (I assume Tableau server?).


          As you mentioned that you have a parameter, you could embed a unique workbook in your sites and in each site pass the parameter of the Country that is related to that site. If your parameter name is "Country" you can add ?Country= and the country code to pass the parameter in the embed URL.


          Mora about this here:


          passing filter parameters in url


          I hope this helps