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    Issue in table with a calculated field with an specific aperture of data showing

    Francheska Cabrera

      Hello community,


      I was hoping someone can share their knowledge with me as we haven't found a workaround to fix our current issue.


      We have a data blending of 2 excels due to specific format that is being extracted from the systems, which a constrain is not to make changes in data source but pivoting in Tableau.


      This worked fine and we were able to make a calculated field to get the MC by Brand Family, Product Description and P&L Account Group, in a way that its interactive for the end user as to play with level of detailed information they want to see (summarized or detailed).


      As the result by the three variables mentioned before was a success, the issue is that we want to present at the same time the TOTAL and this is where the calculation goes crazy.


      Down a couple images.


      I attach the workbook, the data sources and the ppt that has this images that explain the issue.


      Mockup of Final Product to show:

      MC ISSUE 1.png


      Incorrect Calculation by TOTAL but correct calculation by Account Group


      MC ISSUE 2.png


      Correct Calculation by TOTAL, achievable by grouping the measure reporting structure,

      MC ISSUE 3.png


      Thanks in advance for the help you can provide.