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    Last Sell Price

    Ryan Wilber

      All - I have a data set with sales info including selling price (as a measure).  How can a write a formula that will give me the last price a product sold for?

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          Daniel Stanish

          Good day Ryan.


          The way I'd do it would be creating a calculation using level of detail expressions, something like this. Assuming you have fields [Product ID],[Sale Date], and [Selling Price]:


          Last Sale Price:

          {fixed [Product ID]: MIN(

                    IF {fixed [Product ID]: MAX([Sale Date]} = [Sale Date] THEN [Selling Price] END




          This is assuming the sale date is unique. This would be easier to show with sample data, would you happen to have any? Does this help?


          Best regards.



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            Jim Dehner

            depends on how you set up your viz

            if you have a table and can use a table calc then use Last()

            if not find the last date with {Fixed:max(date)}

            then a conditional statement like   if [date]-[fixed max date] then avg(selling price)}


            you may need to add a product number to the LOD depending on what you are looking for - if you had included your twnx workbook the answer could be specific to your need


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              Deepak Rai

              {FIXED Product:MAX(Date)}=Date

              drag this to Filter and Select TRUE.

              Create View with PRODUCT and PRICE. you will get only last values