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    Overlay 3 or more Histograms on one Tableau Chart

    Shumin Wu

      Hi! I've been trying to compare three distributions in Tableau, but so far only having success comparing two within the same chart. Have tried plotting multiple bins in a dual axis chart, and rounding the measures and trying to plot them as separate dimensions but not having any success adding the third distribution (similar to what is mentioned in this post: Histogram | Comparing Distribution of Two Measure )

      How do I combine the line on the right into the dual axis chart on the left? Apologies for not being able to upload the Tableau workbook due to sensitivity of the data.


      Thanks in advance!





      Edit, adding a sample packaged notebook, basically I'm still hoping to overlay Profit Margin 3 onto the dual axis chart on the LHS. Do let me know if more information will be helpful?  Thanks!