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    Integrating Tableau reports in a „master application“

    Christian Schwehm



      we created a variety of useful reports in asset management (Portfolio reports (factors and allocation), performance  and risk reports, market overviews...), but we want to combine them in one tool. I‘m thinking of creating a variety of individual worksheets in e.g. ten different workbooks that can be opened with preselected parameters via tableau server. All these reports should be accessible via a web interface with a menu bar and the parameters and filters should also be selected there, but in a more comfortable way than in tableau, e.g. in a gui with a dynamic list, that has a structure to select the individual items, as it can be doen e.g. in matlab, R or C#. The final tool would also include some other reports that are generated in different applications. Has anybody done something similar and could share some tips?


      Thanks for your help,