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    Using Management Hierarchy with Filters




      Pretty new to Tableau and the community so "Hello"!  I am hoping for some help in the use of management hierarchy with filtering.


      I am trying to create a density graph of inputs for employees in a management chain from X - Y (X - Y are a range of values I would like to keep private) and be able to filter for everyone in a team based on management chain.  There is a screenshot at the bottom.


      What I mean by management chain is a chain of employee IDs (EID).  For example in an organization of three people the management chain would look like this:


      123 - 456 - 789  (The first EID "123" is the employee themselves, followed by their manager, and their manager up to the CEO).  Each row of my data represents an employee, their management chain and their input.


      I am struggle with the filter to use to show the following using a scatter plot with a density mark (to show frequency of inputs):


      An entire team (based on one EID) of say 300 people.  Beside that the teams of the four direct reports of the first employee EID (say 10-100 each).


      I have created calculated Fields for the five people using the function as below:


      CALC FIELD 1: CONTAINS([Management Chain],"789")   As well as a calculated field for the four direct reports.  I have placed this in the columns with the input in the rows.


      I am not sure how to create a filter for this.  If I use "CALC FIELD 1: True" I start to get strange results.  For example I would expect the far left column (789) to be the entire data set (since the other four employees report into 789).  What I am finding is there are inputs in the direct reports that are higher than the data set show for 789.  In the screen shot also notice that different panes are being created (which I can't explain).


      Any help would be appreciated!