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    Tableau's Box Plot Capabilities

    Mark Herrmann

      Hi there,


      after having worked with Tibco's Spotfire for many years I'm new to Tableau and was quite excited as it has scored significantly higher than Spotfire e.g. in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2018.

      That said I thought it would be simple to create a box plot and display some basic statistics beneath each box (like IQR or count) or make use of comparison circles to check on the statistical significance of apparent differences between mean values. I completely failed with the comparison circles and could only find a quite manual workaround for the statistical summary:


      Any help highly appreciated!


      Thanks & regards,


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          Stephen Rizzo

          To the best of my knowledge, I don't believe there is any equivalent to comparison circles available out of the box in Tableau. I would probably recommend doing any necessary statistical tests prior to loading the data into Tableau, then building your own set of charts and/or dashboard from the output to communicate that information. Box plots in Tableau do show the whisker, hinge, and median values by default in the tooltip, but if you wanted to show more information than that, you would likely have to calculate the values yourself like they do in the article.

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            Mark Herrmann

            Thanks for the quick response, Stephen! This is not what I had hoped to learn about Tableau but at least I can stop searching...