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    Need Help in Tableau Calculations

    Larsen Rennie

      Hello All


      I need to construct the below structure in tableau. First of all wanted to know from you whether it is possible in tableau or not or should i create it in different way using differnt visuals and then put them all in dashboard ?


      Below is snapshot of what i am trying to achieve in tableau


      i am able to create calculations for first three which are new member, Percentage of Member which is nothing but percentage of total, and also able to calculate the unsubscribing menber. But i am having difficulty in creating calculation for Total Rolling Net Subscribed, Percentage Net growth and Mom and Net Percentage unsubscribed


      I am attaching the excel for this where the excel formulas can be see on the particular cell. I am using tableau 9.3.


      Your help will be highly appreciated


      Thanks to all in advance

      Andy Kriebel

      Joshua Milligan

      Jonathan Drummey