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    Conditional color on stacked bar chart

    Suresh Mareedu

      Hi all,


      Here I am facing an issue like, I have created stacked bar chart by sub-category wise as I shown in below image. Here I have created stacked bar chart by using 4 measures of avg (4 regions of avg(sales)) and showing total avg(sales) on other axis. I have applied color condition for total avg sales (

      IF AVG([Sales])<=500 THEN "Red" ELSEIF AVG([Sales])>500 AND AVG([Sales])<1000 THEN "Yellow"

      ELSEIF AVG([Sales])>=1000 THEN "Green" END) on circle showing as 3 ranges of sales (green,yellow,red). Here I wanted to apply the same color condition on each measure in stacked bar by showing the 3 color ranges (green,yellow,red). I have tried in many ways but couldn't able to find any solution for that.

      Please find the attached sample workbook.

      Please help me on this to resolve the issue.

      Thanks in advance.