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    Join Data When Matching on Two Different Objects

    Taylor Lile

      Hello, I'm struggling to wrap my head around a what I'm sure to be a very simple concept.


      I have the following objects:


      Account - List of all customer accounts

      Sales Invoice - List of all sales invoices and their totals.

      Sales Invoice Items - List of all items within each Sales Invoice.

      A list of Accounts and specific products that I would like to look into.


      I'm wanting to get a view off all sales invoices items that are for a specific account and have a specified product. For example, Account A may have product 1, 2, and three. Account B may have product 1 and 2. I would like to join data where it only gives me a subset of sales invoice items for both account A and B, but only show product 1 for Account A and product 1 and 2 for Account B.


      The data is structures as below:


      Account links to the sales invoice and list of account I need to look at.

      Sales Invoice relates to the account and the sales invoice item object.

      Sales invoice item is related to the product I want to look into and the sales invoice object, but not the account.


      Is there a way to join this data where it will show me only account that i want to look into with their specified products on their sales invoice items?


      I apologize if this is a repost. I wasn't sure how to word the question.


      Thanks for ANYTHING.