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    How To Total Specific Groups?

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy all!


      Attached is a worksheet in 2018.3


      I have a situation where I need to show % totals across the board, but I also need 3 columns. 1 column for raw totals and then 2 more columns for specific group totals.


      Sounds confusing in writing but hopefully an image helps. I want to add 2 columns to the following image, one for each of the highlighted customers:


      If I try something like the following code it adds so many extra rows to the table. In this scenario can it be calculated so you see the total quantity is 7, Anne's is 2, and Mike's is 5 without all the excess?


      Total Anne Mcfarland


      IF [Customer Name] = 'Anne Mcfarland'

      THEN { FIXED [State], [Customer Name], [Product Name]:





      Thanks for any assistance with this!