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    Calculation of Network Average

    Darek Poon

      Hi All,


      I have a question on calculation of Network Average.

      I have 7 sites conducting multiple tests on performance. Some sites do conduct the same test, some sites dont.


      I would like to look at individual site performance and compare to understand how they are performing against the network average on a weekly basis.


      The chart below for the Site Performance worksheet shows the overall performance of each test against the Network.

      For the Performance Week by Week Worksheet, it shows the overall performance of Site A each week [Blue Bar] against the red line [Network Average].



      The Red line is based on all the lab test network average. How do i make it show only the lab done by Site A and compare against the network?

      Below, I highlighted all the tests done by Site A then the Network Average [Red Line] was recalculated to show the actual network average which only includes the tests done by Site A.