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    How to sum below values

    Jagdish Suthar

      Inkedimage002_LI (2).jpg


      As you can see in yellow column need sum that three values. I need sum like 128+112+320= 560. How to do that?

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          Anuj yadav

          Hi Jagdish,


          You are not getting sum of orders in grand total because, it is placed as Dimension and not as a measure. If you change the type(or create new measure calculation) of the dimension to measure and place that on Text mark, you would be able to show the total.

          Also, I see you have available qty and order qty as other dimensions, I feel that they should also be measure.


          If I were you, I would do following

          - Convert those dimensions to measure ( Right click on the field and convert to measure)

          - Add measure field into filter card, select measure which you want to show on the view

          - add measure filed pill in columns

          - Add Measure value on text mark.


          I hope that works for you.