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    Save/Export Dialog appears and disappears immediately

    Nicholas Garcia

      Hi there!


      This issue has happened to me a couple times in multiple versions now and unfortunately auto-recovery failed me this time so thought I'd post. Essentially, every so often I'll get into a conundrum where I need to save a workbook but when I go to save or export the folder navigation dialog appears and disappears immediately without saving.


      On Mac Mojave (have also had this issue in pervious OS versions) and using 2018.3 (have also had this issue on previous Tableau versions.

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          I've seen this behavior with some weird third-party software (ones that "enhance" Finder).

          Did you check behind the sidebar?


          Also, do you see that behavior with any other software? What about opening workbook via File > Open or connecting to text/Excel files?

          Tableau uses operating system's default FileSave and FileOpen dialogs so it's weird that you see that.

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            Carlo Alberto Dall'Amico

            +1 same exact behavior on Mac Mojave with Tableau 2019.1 (but had the issue with 2018.3 as well).


            I noticed Tableau starts struggling if i close my notebook without closing the application, then reopen the notebook (usually the following day) and try to keep working.

            Any action that opens a finder window behaves like Nicholas Garcia describes after that. I also wondered whether it's related to using multiple screens, but that's just a hunch.


            If i force quit Tableau and restart, the dialog works again.

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              Laura Gast

              +1 Same behaviour! Also on MacBook Pro (2018 with Mojave. working with 2019.1). I can open a new book, fake a couple of worksheets in it, and save that one. But the book I've just put a lot of work into has the exact same flickering behaviour.


              If I try to close, I still get the "Do you want to save this workbook?" prompt, but get the same immediately disappearing save window.


              Super frustrating....