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    Dashboard Workflow Issues


      Hi Guys,
      I have attached the workbook. please have a look.


      Issues :



      1. Control switch issue. 
          When i click on "Delawe", next table does not show. scroll required to see the next table values. ( which i do not want)


      2. After seen next dashboard when i click on "Back" button first time it look normal (un-highlighted) as shown in below
        Pic :





      But when i back on this dashboard. "Back" Button look like :  ( it must be un-highlighted here)



      same case with "+" button. both button need to un-highlighted when i come back to their dashboards.


      3. Relative filters not work. for example when i selected "Central" from the filter.



      when i get back to previous page. All Filter are selected instead of one filter.


      Please see the attached workbook. I need all format and layout like this.


      Dashboard Issue.twbx

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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hello Mudassar


          I took a look in your workbook and have some comments:


          1) It seems you need to resize the dashboard to your screen dimensions. Also I don't understand why your dashboard size is so much bigger  than the containers. See the picture of what I see on a 1920x1080 resolution:


          Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 10.55.16 PM.png


          2) This is working as expected to buttons built before version 2018.3 came out. The button is instead a worksheet element and if you click on it it remains clicked (selected) until you undo it. Try using 2018.3 and dashboard buttons new feature.


          3) This is happening because you are using filters that only apply to the worksheet that they are on. If click on the filter and edit it, you will see that the "Apply to Worksheets" is selected to "Only this Worksheet". To adjust that you need to go back to the one of the sheets, for example BarChart, edit the Region filter and select "Apply to Worksheets"> "Selected Worksheets". Then pick both BarChart and First Table. Attached is the updated workbook.


          I hope this helps


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            Thanks @RodRigo

            On first point :

            1. Dashboard size is so big Because i need this dashboard as others. BUT i resize it and then 2 more table insert in the dashboard. then same control issue will appear.


            2. Got your point


            3. Got your point. i am checking it.