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    Percentages of total, but over 100% when combined

    Juhn Mer

      Hello Tableau experts,


      Can someone please help me with my Tableau puzzle? I have an approve and not approve survey sent to people. Some people may say approve, not approve, no Comment (blank), and in some instances they are allowed to say both approve and not approve at the same time.

      My data looks like this.
      Question A has 12 total total respondents. 10 out of this 12 said Approve which is 83%. 9 out of this 12 said Not Approved, which is 75%.

      Question B- total respondent 15, Approve 12 (80%), Not Approve 7 (47%)

      Question C - total respondent 10, Approve 5 (50%), Not Approve (70%).

      Question: Is it possible to show this data thru a pie chart? I wanted a donut chart (because most of my previous viz are donuts), but since the total is not equal to 100% for approve and not approve, it might be not feasible, can you help confirm? If not a pie, what is the best way to display this data? I'd like to show total respondent ,and the % Approve and % Not Approve.


      Let me know please if my question is unclear and if you may have questions.


      Thanks so much in advance.