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    ISO-8601 dates not displaying properly

    Damien Azzopardi



      Now that we just entered 2019 I am having an issue with the dates in a report where I show KPIs per week.


      Both charts and tables show the dates following the Gregorian standard. This is why data for the last week of 2018 / first week of 2019 is split into 2 different weeks (week 53 and week 1):


      Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 17.52.09.png

      Now that Tableau is supporting the ISO-8601 standard, is there a way to display this data per week properly? Also, without having to create extra calculations?


      I already followed the steps detailed on this Online help Tableau article, modifying my computer's location to one supporting the ISO-8601 standard and I made sure all my data sources start on Monday and the fiscal year is January but it's still not working as expected. I am using Tableau Desktop 2018.3 on Mac Mojave 10.14.2.


      Thank you!