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    Tableau Starter for Marketo -Email Performance Overview - join logic

    Asta Siupienyte



      I'm building a dashboard in Tableau using Marketo as a datasource. I was struggling to find the correct logic to join the tables until I came accross the starters (Dashboard Starters for Cloud-based Data - Tableau ).

      I've downloaded the workbook for Marketo and connected it to my datasource. I am using Email Performance Overview starter. However, when I look at the logic used to join the tables I can see one discrepancy. Email Send is joined to Email Click/Email Open tables using Campaign ID, Lead ID and Mailing ID.

      However, for Email Delivered the join is using Step ID instead of Mailing ID. Would anyone be able to tell me if I need to use Step ID or Mailing ID to join Email Send table to Email Delivered table?


      I've attached the screenshots of the joins.


      Many Thanks,