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    Tableau Entitlement and Data Access Restriction

    Jason Cheung

      Hi Tableau Community, I am hoping to get some answers on whether or not Tableau and or Tableau Server can set entitlement and restrict data source permission. One of the teams in my company is responsible of a weekly report in excel format that gets distributed to 600 individuals.  When the team prepares the data, they download the entire data set and then use an Excel macro to slice the data into 600 individual files based on the below instructions. In this report, 1. a VP can read his entire region’s data, but can’t see other region’s data. 2. a director can read his team’s data (manager, team members), but can’t read another director’s data; 3. a manager can read his team’s data but can’t read the director’s data or another manager’s data; 4. the team members can only see their own data and can’t see the manager’s data.  I researched and found the below two links that seem quite promising. However, I would still like to confirm if this is doable. Link 1: https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/publish_userfilters_create.htm#dynamic Link 2: https://tableauandbehold.com/2018/08/08/multiple-table-normalized-hyper-extracts/ Questions: 1. Is it possible to transfer this excel report to Tableau Server and still keep all the above data restriction requirements? 2. Is it possible to do the above requirements WITHOUT Tableau Server? (would be great if Tableau Desktop alone can achieve this) 3. What if a VP or director is responsible for two regions or two teams. He/she will need to see both regions as well. Is it possible to accommodate this?  According to Link 2, it seems like the user mapping list will need to be multiplied by 2? Much appreciated Jason