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    Top N Filter with Last Date's Value

    Kürşat YALIN


      I have a dataset of Age Dependency Ratio of Old People to the Working People. I am trying to show a line chart of Top 10 Countries across the years. My year dimension ranges from 1960 to 2017.

      Here is the screenshot of Tableau sheet showing Top 10 Countries across 1960-2017. But, I want to create the line chart not according to overall years' Top 10 countries. Instead, I want to create it with Top 10 countries for 2017. Please look at the second picture.

      Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 9.19.15 PM.png



      Here are the Top 10 countries in 2017. My purpose is to create the line chart of those countries ranging from 1960 to 2017 like above.

      Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 9.19.28 PM.png


      Thanks in advance.