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    Counts not showing up on Customized Background Map

    Tom Dauphinee

      I am a nubie. I am trying to show number of workers
      compensation claims filed by part of body in a custom map I created. I am using
      circles sized to parts of the body most often injured on the job. My data
      includes one row per claim and each row has a field for part of body injured
      and the X and Y coordinates where that part is shown on the map. Using the Aggregate
      Measures toggle under Analysis, circles show at their correct X & Y
      locations (aggregation turned off) or counts show in Tooltip on a scatterplot
      without the POB background map (aggregation turned on). I would like the
      circles to show correctly sized on the map with counts by part of body in the
      Tooltip, but can’t seem to bring these pieces together.


      I am not seeing the solution after reading Chapter 34 in
      Ryan Sleeper’s book on Practical Tableau,  Chapter 5 in Christian Chabot’s Tableau Your
      Data!, and the following posts in Tableau Online:

      “Building a View based on a Custom Background Map and Custom


      Also reviewed “Show Totals in a Visualization”



      I appreciate any help you can give me.


      My workbook is on Tableau Public:



      Message was edited by: Tom Dauphinee Thanks, Simon. Your prompt and efficient solution was just what I needed.

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          Simon Runc

          hi Tom,


          So the issue you have here is that when you dis-aggregate the measures Tableau is creating a mark for each row. If you look at the bottom right you'll see the number of mark Tableau is plotting (40,272)



          Now as they have the same X/Y for each body part they are getting plotted on top of one another, and the tool tip is just for the top one.


          If you turn the aggregation back on, and set up the viz as per the below (ensure X&Y are Average and Number of Records is SUM) that should do the trick (notice that the number of marks is now 19)



          Hope that helps and makes sense.