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    Tableau, Searching for Text, and Categorizing

    kamran amini


      I'm running tableau 2018.3 and I was curious about the best practice to go after loading documents in excel or text files to Tableau so

      I can search for certain TEXTs within the loaded materials to Tableau and categorize them based on certain terms.


      For example, I have 200,000 records that include different words such as "Transmission Repair", "Window Repair", "Tires", "Motor Repair" and

      I need to load the flat files to Tableau and establish a Search and Mark the records that include the above five words as the category of "CAR REPAIRS"


      This way, I can do a further comparison of these specific records  and establish the necessary visualization,


      I'm also not sure if Tableau can handle 200,000 rows of data. I'm hoping it can but please let me know about your recommendations if you could.


      Thanks a lot!