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    Tableau With SAP HANA

    Jordi Pons Lopez



      We have built a process visualizing data on Tableau. The data is retrieved from SAP Hana and it was a business requirement that the type of connection was Live. As the granularity of the data we are visualizing is quite low (around 5 millions rows on the fact table), there are charts that take up to 30-35 seconds to load. Is there any way of lowering that performance scenario? Is there any Tableau tool to help improving performance in this situation? Any ideas?


      Thank you.



      Jordi P Lopez

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          Have you investigated yet where are those 30 minutes spent? Fetching data or rendering?

          First step is always to reduce amount of data you are dealing with - on database/tables, during query processing and in the viz.


          If, however, HANA is struggling to give you "sum of sales by year" over this fact table then start with your DBA to make that better.