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    Newbie - Trying to rename a filter

    Jean Davis



      I'm new to Tableau. I have viewed some of the videos and were able to create two reports. My problem is with a report created by a previous co-worker who no longer works for the company. He created a monthly report which stopped reporting for the December report. I assume it was one of the filters which I was correct. For some reasons, no data was selected in the filter. I was able to correct that problem but I can't figure out how he renamed the filter. On the dimensions we have Result but on the filters tab he has 'Result: Member Review Complete'. Thank you.


      Previous filter for Result - no longer working


      Added value to the filter > receive data > but I can't rename back to Result: Member Review Complete

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          Brian Cronin

          "Result" is the name of one of your dimension fields you are filtering on.  It was previously displaying as "Result: Member Review Complete" because when only one selection is made Tableau will notate what selection there is after a ":" in this case "Member Review Complete" when you selected an additional value within that filter it only displays that you have a filter in place for your "Result" dimension and you have to click the pill and click edit filter to view what selections are made.


          Nothing to worry about functionally. 


          Hope this helps.


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            Jean Davis

            Hi, Brian


            Thank you for the quick response. I took a copy of the original dashboard for testing. I'm not sure how this was changed but no data was reported for one of the monthly reports. I removed all of the filters and added just Result hoping to get Result: Member Review Complete. I do apologize if I'm missing something. I just want everything to be the same in the production environment. When I edit to add all value it changes the filter name.



            When I click on All > the filter name changes back to Result.  I'm trying to select ALL and still have the filter with its original name Results: Member Review Complete. Thanks again.

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              Michael Gillespie

              Read Brian's answer again, carefully.


              The name of the filter is "Result" - that's it, nothing else.  It's the name of the field (dimension or measure) you're using to filter the data in the viz/dashboard.


              When you create a filter, you can manually select which value or values you want to filter by.  If you select only ONE value (in your co-worker's case, "Member Review Complete"), then Tableau appends a ":" and the name of the selected filter value to the Filter name.  If you change the selected filter value, then the text after the ":" changes too.  If you select the "All" option, then NO ":" or other text is appended to the filter.


              Try this: right-click on the "Result" field on the Filters shelf, and pick "Edit filter" from the pop-up menu.  What are the values that show up in the list when you do that?  Is one of the "Member Review Complete"?  If it is, click on the checkbox next to it, and then click on "OK".


              Does that do what you want?

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                Rebecca Carr

                If you're presenting the information in a dashboard, you can simply rename the filter title. You can easily do this at either by double-clicking on the existing title (shown in yellow) or by selecting 'Edit Title...' from the drop-down menu (shown in purple) and then customize your filter title to whatever you want.


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                  Jean Davis

                  Got it! Thank you

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                    Jean Davis

                    Thank you, Michael


                    I got it now..



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                      Jean Davis

                      Thank you, Rebecca

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                        Chris McClellan

                        Can you please mark an answer of correct to help others that have the same problem in the future ?