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    Tableau and BOX - How does the authentication work from Data Security Perspective

    Sirish Malisetty

      Dear All,


      My team is connecting EXCELs and other files from BOX using their Single Signon and creating dashboards on Tableau and publishing them on a server for everyone's use.

      It is working perfectly fine. My concern now is how is the authentication works here?


      How is a third person - an analyst - having access to server dashboard able to see the excel's data on the box?

      Is it the developer's single sign-on credentials (on BOX),  embedded in the Workbook while publishing to the server?


      can tableau force that analyst to input their own BOX credentials to see the dashboard?

      As a Data Security officer, I am trying to understand what best works for my scenario and any inputs/suggestions are welcome.



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          Mark Wu

          Sirish, It is great way to visualize Excel data by putting Excel in Box and having Tableau connect to Box directly so you can change Excel source in Box directly w/o having to publish the workbooks. The Box permission works the similar way as how Tableau server connects to other database sources.

          • If you want each interactor to enter their own Box credentials before Tableau server shows the data, when you publish the workbooks, make sure to use Live Connection (not extract) and DO NOT embed your password. It also means that you would need to setup permissions twice - on both Tableau server workbook level and also Box Excel file level.
          • if you want each interactor to view the dashboard w/o entering their credentials anymore (since you already setup workbook level permissions on Tableau server and assuming that users have their SSO already when come to Tableau sever dashboard name), all you need is to make sure embed your password when you publish the workbook. Like this below
          • image.png