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    Could Tableau help me

    Matt Smith

      Hi All, sorry for this newbie question but wanted to see if Tableau could create these types of reports for me and please forgive my ignorance. my job requires me to look at different types of data sets specifically transactions and the risk associated with them. Some examples include looking at a buy and sell in the same customers account on the same day, and same type of transaction but the sell is at a lower price.  Or the same type of transaction for the same amount but in different customer accounts. Or finally looking at specific transactions across different account with the same identifier. The data would all come from excel. Would this be doable with Tableau?

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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hello Mark


          From my experience with Tableau all the use cases you described can be achieved in the tool. The first one is pretty similar to market basket analysis (customer that bought this also bought that). The second is comparing customers performance is also a very well known case. The third got me a bit confused... are the identifiers related to the accounts or the transactions? But regardless it is also something Tableau can achieve


          If you could provide some transactions from the Excel we could build some proof of concept so you can have a more consolidate scenario to make your decision.


          Best regards