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    Unable to create and then reset admin account using tsm

    Thierry Guillebault

      I'm in the process of installing 2018.3 on a Windows 2012 machine. Single-node.


      I've gotten up to the point where I created (or thought I created) an admin user with this:


      C:\Windows\system32>tabcmd initialuser -u admin -s localhost


      ===== redirecting to http://localhost/auth

      ===== Signed out

      ===== Creating new session

      ===== Server: http://localhost

      ===== Username: admin

      ===== Connecting to the server...

      ===== Signing in...

        *** Not authorized

      Invalid username or password. (errorCode=16)


      I provded a password when prompted to enter one, but as you can see tsm doesn't like this.


      Trying to reset the account doesn't get me any further:


      C:\Windows\system32>tsm reset -u admin -s localhost -d


      Authentication error. Incorrect username or password, or username not member of administrative group?


      Any ideas? Thanks!