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    To compare the Current year to date and previous year to date value

    selvakarthick dhanasekaran

      Hi all,


      I need to compare the values of current year To date(CYTD) value Vs Previous year to date(PYTD) value


      Two scenario's

      1) In Jan : I will get the full year result set(i.e All the months) values .

      2) Rest of the months :  i will get partial year result set value for the current year and it's corresponding previous year's completed month values.


      I have attached the excel sheets with the two tabs to describe the scenarios. I highlighted the value in excel sheet that i need to compare.


      I need only one calculated variable to find the previous year to date value to solve both the scenario's. I find out the calc to get the current year To date value . I have a difficulty in find out previous year corresponding month value. Now i just hard coded in tableau workbook for the better understanding.


      Any one help will be much appreciated