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    Replacing federated dataset with custom SQL query

    Jordan Stauss



      A coworker and I have passed around a packaged workbook which originally connected to three data sources - a custom SQL query and two files. Now that the workbook has been packaged, the data source no longer allows me to edit the query and instead forces me to look for a file (when I right click on the data source and select "Edit Data Source" a folder search box opens). The "Connection Properties" of the data source show its type as "Federated" and lists the three sources (it shows the name of the original table for the custom SQL table as well as the two files).


      How can I edit the data source to show the original query and the connection to the two files? The only alternative I see is to recreate the pages by adding a new data source and making those connections, which seems ridiculous.





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          Dmitry Chirkov

          I assume you have an extract for that at the moment, correct?


          If yes - what's your goal?

          Do you want to simply see the Custom SQL? (#1)

          Or you'd like to modify it and recreate extract? (#2)


          If #1 then you can do following:

          a) Feed it any file (or two files) to get to Data Source tab

          b) Use "Reset ignored messages" from Help menu and reopen workbook - it'll show Custom SQL warning


          If #2 then you will need to find source files to be able to refresh an extract. Or do 1a and remove file connections and continue with just Custom SQL.