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    Version issue

    corey neilson

      Is there anyway to open a v10.5 twbx file in 10.2?  I'm going to assume Tableau doesn't allow this functionality in an effort to get users to update/upgrade their software, but I wanted to see if there are any "work arounds" out there.  TIA.

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          Jeff Strauss

          The quick answer is, is it possible for you to upgrade to a newer version?



          Newer versions of Tableau allow the save to earlier versions.  Here's a screenprint of what this looks like:



          One possible workaround is to save the workbook as an unpackaged twb so that you can edit the underlying XML. then update any references of 10.5 to 10.2, but if you do this be very careful and also take a backup of your workbook prior to manual editing so you always have a fallback plan.

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Corey

            starting with 10.5 Tableau was able to export back to to 10.2




            the functionality had more to do with data structure -

            2018.3 is the current version with significant functionality enhancements - set actions, better mapping  and others



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              corey neilson

              Thanks, Jeff & Jim, I appreciate it.