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    Completion rate calculation

    Ravikiran Sarala

      Hello all,


      I have scenario where i need to calculate


      rolling 12 months records with months on X axis and no of records on Y axis. and completion rate of those records in the dual axis as shown below.



      Here for over due completion rate calculation(which is in green color) is calculated using COUNTD([Overdue Actions])/TOTAL(COUNTD([Action ID]))


      which means over due actions for month divided by total no of actions before today(). But does not make sense cal % of over due actions for month of march 2018 with all the actions until today.



      What i would require is over due actions for that month divided by total over due action till that month

      like (over due actions for May 2018)/(total over due actions till may 2018)


      Due to compliance issue cannot attach the workbook. you can take sample superstore.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Ravikiran S