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    EMF exports with Tableau 2018.3

    Paul Chabran

      Hi everyone,


      I've using Tableau heavily for projecting data on world maps which I often export in .emf to powerpoint. I stopped using .png exports as the image seems kind of 'blurry' when printed in PDF or on paper.

      Recently I've updated to Tableau 2018.3, and since then .emf exports are causing me troubles: when imported in powerpoint, the map only shows partially:

      Map emf problem.PNG

      I suspect it is due to the update to 2018.3 as the process works smoothly with the same dashboard exported from 2018.1

      Also, dashboards exported in .emf from Tableau 2018.3 are 2 to 3 three times heavier than those exported from 2018.1 :

      emf file size.PNG

      Has any of you guys encountered the same issue? Is there a communication from Tableau that I've missed?


      Thank you in advance for your insights