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    Athena Connector with SSO

    Amit Narkar

      We have SSO enabled for Amazon AWS. I would like to connect to Athena in Tableau Desktop without manually entering Access Key and Secret Key.

      I could find post suggesting use of properties file but with no luck from my end.


      Amazon Athena - Tableau

      Customize JDBC Connections Using a Properties File

      Customize JDBC Connections Using a Properties File

      Using Athena with the JDBC Driver - Amazon Athena


      I am able to connect to Athena when I am providing Access Key and Secret Key.

      I need to bypass this process when using SSO. As per above posts I created athena.properties file with various key value pairs.









      But I don't see fields populated on further launch of Tableau Desktop. I am using Tableau Athena connector not (other JDBC) connector option.

      Is there any other way to deal with SSO on Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server

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          Hello Amit,


          If you are trying to leverage the ODBC connection to Athena. The connection can be modified with a .tdc file.


          More information on available customizations can be found: Customize and Tune ODBC Connections - Tableau


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

          Community Manager

          Tableau Software

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            Jacob Roth

            I have the exact same issue.  If making the JDBC driver wont work, is there another options?    I am not using ODBC.


            I downloaded the AthenaJDBC.jar file and put it here.   C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers  I even tried to rename it to awsathena to match the url string.

            I created the athena.properties with the these fields














            I don not have an access key or secret access key since we are federated.


            So far neither the Athena Source or the Other JDBC source works