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    Donut chart not showing up correctly

    Ajinkya Sirsikar

      Hi All,


      I am working on a Donut Chart, I was successful in creating the Donut charts however the portions in the Donuts are getting mixed up.


      I have 12 donuts on my viz and each donut is separated into 4 categories: Fully Allocated(blue), Over Allocated(yellow), Not allocated(red), under allocated(grey).


      However when i change the fiscal period, from january to february the donuts get messed up and the name category from one donut shows up in another. When i keep the current month the tooltip shows correct results, but when i change the month it messes up.


      Please refer to my screenshots. My first screenshots show the tooltip and the donuts for the month of january and the next ones show the results and tooltips for the month of february.


      From the screenshots we can see that the Under allocated from the Network processing department shows up in issuer processing.


      Please help. I have been trying to understand the issue but havent been able to find it.