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    Consecutive Counts

    Satish Rao

      Hi All,


      Need help regarding counting consecutive Errors (0). Please refer to the attachment.


      The counting has to be started from the latest end date (4-12-2018 in this case) in descending order for a specific Sub-category. When ever the Error is 1, the count should break and if the error is 1 for the sub-category for the latest end date then count should be '0' or should not start.


      The idea to count the error from latest date is to check from how long the error is existing and from when did it started.


      For eg: the error count for sub category Q1 is 3, it starts from 02-12-2018 till 04-12-2018, and that of Q2 is only 1 as the value of Q2 on 3-12-2018 is 1, so that count has to end.


      The value has to be stored in Error count field.


      Thanks in advance for any help.