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    Use map as a filter




      I made a test dataviz from a datasheet with 3 columns Name, Country and Year.


      A name can appear several times associated with different countries (let's say the countries they visited), and a country can appear several times associated with different names.


      I made 2 maps:

      1. The visited countries by year
      2. Given a country A visited a given year, the other countries that were visited by the people who also visited country A (see http://vizdiff.blogspot.com/2016/08/lookup-via-association.html).


      I then a made a dashboard with these two maps, which have the Year filter in common. There is a drop-down list of countries to select the targeted country for the second map.


      I now have 3 questions:

      • The drop down list of countries is build from a parameter, not from a filter, so the option "Only relevant values" is not available. All the countries are listed even when they were not visited that year. How could I list only the relevant values? e.g. base the list of values of my parameter on a filtered list with only relevant values.
      • On the dashboard I would like to use the first map as a filter for the second map instead of the drop down list of countries. Problem is the drop down list is not built from a filter but from a parameter, so the first map can't work as a filter. How could I still filter with the first map? Maybe solving the first question also solves the second.
      • Is it possible to highlight the selected country on the second map?


      Sorry I'm still a very beginner. I'm already impressed by what I did (even if I struggle a lot) :-)


      Thanks a lot