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    Warehouse Layout

    Josef Atayan



      I would like to create a logistic storage via tableau.

      Storage spaces should be shown in a storage layout.

      Data will be loaded into every storage spot.


      Is it possible to create a „customized map“ without the Drawing Utility (so i have to draw more then 700 small locations ;-)

      I rebuild the Warehouse in Excel, maybe this is possible ?




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          Michael Gillespie

          Well, you need SOME kind of background image to do this, in PNG or JPEG format (I think those are the options).  So, you'll have to draw the warehouse layout in some tool or application that can produce an image in those formats.


          No shortcuts, I'm afraid.

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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning


            If you want the viz to look like your warehouse Michael is correct - if that is not a requirement you can then of the canvas as a gridwork defined by rows and columns

            eg. 10 columns and 70 rows to make 700 locations - assign each of you storages to a row-column combination - you can build that in excel - then load it into tableau to create your viz using shapes - rows and columns




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              Josef Atayan



              Do I understand this correctly that I need to draw a Polygon for each storage spot (in this case each „X“ in attached file)?

              I can’t use the existing Excel file as a “storage layout” ?

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                Jim Dehner


                please post your excel sheet and your twbx workbook


                the short answer is your need to relate your storage location into something that tableau can use

                it yr think about you already did that in excel by creating cells like 5,c  32, e  etc - tableau just doesn't read those cell addresses -

                Tableau and all other data based systems (v cell based) like to read tall thin data table like


                storage location          Row               Column




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                  Josef Atayan

                  Hi Jim,


                  thanks for your explanation.

                  Attached you can find the Excel Sheet. There you can see the storage Layout, with the Storage Location.


                  Actually i dont have a Tableau Workbook, because i try to build the Data Foundation.




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                    Jim Dehner

                    Hi Josef

                    at the recent TC18 Matt Chambers and Ken Flerlage did a presentation of advanced visual techniques

                    See the link below there is a portion on how to do what we are talking about


                    Beyond "Show Me" | Custom charts and maps in Tableau - YouTube



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                      Josef Atayan

                      Hi Jim,


                      thank you very much!

                      This Video was very helpfull!


                      Its easyer than i thought :-)